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  • #015 Cherry blossoms

     It's getting warmer, isn't it? This time, as the title suggests, it is the cherry blossom information of Utsubo Park in front of our company. The ...
  • #014 I bought a cool poster

    Four months have already passed since I moved to the new office. It is comfortable with all the furniture. But I still feel that something is missing. What am I missing? That's it! Because there is nothing on the wall!
  • #013 Thinking about the feet of a motorcycle rider

    what shoes should i wear

     If you go to a motorcycle supply store, there is always a corner for riding boots and sneakers,I never bought shoes from a motorcycle supply store. This is because the lineup is poor compared to other gears, and there is nothing that will make you want to buy. 

  • #012 Measures against tired legs

    see also: https://mitsu .jp/kiji/languid-calf

     Today's topic is foot fatigue. I would like to write about the fatigue caused by standing work, not the fatigue caused by walking long distances.

     Most of the people who work in clothing stores, restaurants, hair salons, etc. are strong every day and cannot escape from this suffering
    I think many people are worried about whether this can be alleviated somehow.

  • #011 Lots of good things

     On Saturday, September 19th, the first day of the Silver Week, we have moved to Japan. The first day of consecutive holidays is considered to be convenient assuming the Internet environment and copy machine failureLooking at the office furniture that is dismantled in the future, the 15th anniversary of this year will be recalled in the South Sea

  • #010 I want to be free from stuffy feet!

     What's the most uncomfortable thing about your feet in hot weather? "That's right, isn't it stuffy feet?"

    My fingers are slimy with sweat. Socks become saturated with sweat and sizzle. When I get home and take off my shoes, it stinks so badly that it hurts my eyes.
    Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

    In the hot season, what kind of sneakers should you choose to make your feet more comfortable?

  • #009 What should I wear in the summer?

    We will consider the scent of the summer that men should choose. First, let’s think about the people of the服装 societies and the financial industry with the lowest freedom of clothing. Basically, people who wear suits are very limited to their feet, and the selection is limited to strap shoes or monk straps
  • #008 We are moving offices! 【final chapter】

    Utsubo Park (See:

    I have deepened my understanding of the pros and cons of retro buildings, and I now think that it can be a new building if the location is good. Then, I went back to search for free properties around Osaka Central Park and Ritsukoen. Then, I found the free information of the building that I saw before

  • #007 We are moving offices! ③

    In a trip around the Osaka retro building on the net, the information of the exterior and existing tenants was not easy to understand, such as vacant properties, size and rent. If you do this, you only need to go directly. I'm fastI got on my bike and headed over there.
  • #006 We are moving offices! ②


    I saw the central park in Osaka and Horie Park close to my home. In spring, it is a o s of the city (and a shy sound)

  • #005 We are moving offices! ①

    At that time, you can only see the office that was modern and modern, and the office that had been around for 15 years

    Then, the idea of “I wonder if I should move to a new office” began to grow, and that idea gradually grew.

  • #004 How to make shoes last longer

    Until I was in my twenties, I used to wear only one pair of shoes. In the months leading up to my deathbed, the shoes I was wearing had become a ragged, messy object.

    If I can afford to do so, I can rotate multiple shoes and work. What happened by it..