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#014 I bought a cool poster

The walls in my office are kind of lonely

 Four months have already passed since I moved to the new office. It is comfortable with all the furniture. But I still feel that something is missing. What am I missing? That's it! Because there is nothing on the wall!
I came up with a buffalo skull, one of our company's logos.

I decided to look for a wall object like this.

Some are for sale on Yahoo Auctions and Amazon.

However, I couldn't find anything that satisfies me, such as the size, price, and fine details.

Put up a movie poster!

 So I decided to look for posters. This is a poster of "Shoot for tomorrow!", which is the origin of our company name.

There were some good ones, so I'll pop them right away. Many of them were shipped from overseas, so it took a long time to arrive.

This is not a movie poster, but a bounty bill for Sundance Kid himself.
It is made of tin and has an atmosphere. Of course it's a replica. I put this on the outside of the entrance door.

It's also an order form. It's a movie character thing. I put this on the inside of the entrance door.

This is a movie poster. I like the sepia-colored last scene. I put it under my watch.

This is my favorite. The appeal of the female employees was also good. I put this in the center of the largest wall. It's a photo that stands out for Newman's handsomeness rather than Redford.

It feels pretty good. I will continue to look for Buffalo Skulls in my free time.

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