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#004 How to make shoes last longer

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

 How many pairs of shoes do you have for work? I think there are various styles, such as those who wear one pair until they are worn out, those who wear two pairs in rotation, and those who use them separately for rainy days.

 Until I was in my twenties, I used to wear only one pair of shoes. In the months leading up to my deathbed, the shoes I was wearing had become a ragged, messy object.

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Rotation is the strongest technique!

 When I had a little bit of financial (and mental) leeway, I started rotating multiple pairs of shoes when I went to work. what happened with that...

Long lasting shoes!

It is. Stop wearing the same pair of shoes every day like your parent's enemy, and change them every other day to make them last more than twice as long as before became. Please believe me. This is not a shoe manufacturer sales pitch or conspiracy.

 After that, as a result of my own research, I came to the conclusion that rotating three pairs is the most cost-effective.

Why three legs?

 One day is not enough to dry the sweat. A person's feet (one foot or both feet is unknown) seem to sweat about a cup (200cc) a day. It will be more in the summer, and the same goes for people with good metabolism. The inside of the shoe is poorly ventilated and moisture tends to accumulate, so it takes a considerable amount of time for this sweat to dry. Two days is not enough for wet days.
Then, I think that it should last longer if you have a lot of 4 or 5 pairs. exactly.

But buying a pair of shoes is quite an expense. Considering the extension of the life of the shoes and the cost involved, I think that a three-pair rotation is the most cost-effective. (There is no data. It's just my personal feeling)

 Therefore, we strongly recommend that you prepare three pairs of shoes for commuting to work, school, and work. In addition to these three pairs, if you have one pair for rainy days, it will be a demon stick, a lion, and a fin!

 Please try it at least once.


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