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#008 We are moving offices! 【final chapter】

Pitfalls of Restoration⤵

 I started looking for a property, and when I was convinced that my intention to move would not waver, I told XX Life Insurance (currently the owner company of the office) of my intention to move out. A short time later, the management company came to inspect the property for an estimate for the restoration work, and a few days later, the person in charge came again with the estimate.
After a light chat, when I open the quotation, the amount jumps into my eyes. yeah? Did I misread the digits? ? Look closely again.
yeah! ? "It's expensive." too high…….
It was four times more expensive than I thought.
The contents of the quotation were quite rough, and I could only have the impression that I was being overwhelmed. "It's too expensive. To be honest, I can't hide my surprise. Give me some time," I told the person in charge, and decided to pick it up that day.
After that, I asked several friends who knew about it, and they said that it is true that it is prohibitively expensive, but that large buildings owned by insurance companies often charge a large amount for restoration work, and they say it is not impossible. That was it.
We are still negotiating the price, so I will refrain from going into details, but anyway, I called both XX Life and the management company and frankly expressed my dissatisfaction with the price. A few days later, the management company and the construction contractor came together again to inspect the property. As a result, it is about 20% cheaper. However, based on the information I got from my friends, I still get the impression that it is twice as high.

a! There are vacancies! !

After gaining a better understanding of the pros and cons of retro buildings, I've come to accept new buildings as long as they're in a good location. So I went back to the beginning and started looking for vacant properties around Osaka's Central Park and Utsubo Park again. Then I found the vacancy information of a retro building called “Yasuda Building” that I had been eyeing for a long time.



I called right away...there were no vacancies. It seems that I got some old information from the internet. (This is a trap I often fall into when looking for real estate properties.)

Depressed, I was surfing the net and found information about the opening of the building that I had been eyeing in hopes that there would be vacancies again. It's the best location to touch the park on the south side!

Ookini Utsubo Park Building No. 501

I called right away. It's still vacant like a property that just started recruiting! And you can see inside right away. When I asked the real estate agent if it was convenient, he said that it would be fine even today. Of course, that day, I went straight to the private viewing. The person who answered the phone was waiting in front of the building. I'm a woman. Moreover, she is as beautiful as an actress! It is so beautiful that the feeling of judging the property calmly wavers.
With my heart pounding, I went up to see the inside. My impression was "I finally met you♡". (On the property, not on the real estate agent.)



The size is just right, and you can see the park from the window, and you can see the cherry blossom trees in the spring. Just ideal. The only downside is that the ceiling height is not that high. There are separate toilets for men and women, but since they are private toilets, it takes time to clean them. The name is “Ookini Utsubo Park Building” and it is a bit verbose. It seems that the name of the building is under consideration. I would like you to give it a cool name.

I told the person in charge of beauty on the spot that I would like to sign a contract, and after completing various procedures, I signed a contract this month. Thanks to the efforts of the person in charge of beauty, we were able to set up a free rental period for the owner. The moving company was also decided to be a company that was introduced by the beautiful person in charge (persistent). Thus, the new Sundance base was finally decided (thanks to the beautiful woman who can do outstanding work).
We have also decided to move on September 19th (Sat)!
Ladies and gentlemen, please take care of me.


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