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#010 I want to be free from stuffy feet!

The most uncomfortable thing about shoes

 What's the most uncomfortable thing about your feet in hot weather? "That's right, isn't it stuffy feet?"
My fingers are slimy with sweat. Socks become saturated with sweat and sizzle. When I get home and take off my shoes, it stinks so badly that it hurts my eyes.
Just thinking about it makes me shudder. The safety sneakers we sell have a hard core in the toe, so we hear that the toes get stuffy even in winter.
In the hot season, what kind of sneakers should you choose to make your feet more comfortable?

To prevent stuffiness, the material is more important than the color

 Which one looks cooler in the middle of summer, a person who is coordinated in all black, or a person who is all white? It's definitely white. But what about black linen and white leather?
Sweat-absorbing, quick-drying, and highly breathable materials are comfortable for your feet in hot weather. If the absorbed sweat does not dry out for a long time, it will become slippery. So if you're worried about stuffiness, avoid sneakers covered with genuine or synthetic leather. Even if you have vent holes in the arch or dimpled leather on the instep, it is not recommended. Some of the famous ones are Adidas' S*n Smith and Nike's E* Force 1.


classic material cotton canvas

When it comes to spring and summer shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cotton canvas. It is a material that has been used since the beginning when sneakers were invented along with genuine leather. The material is cool to the touch and has excellent sweat absorption. The downside is that it's slow to dry and it's not very breathable. Also, most canvas materials are vulcanized (vulcanized), which makes them heavier than running shoes made with cement. Various colors and types are on sale from Converse and Vans.


Lightweight and breathable nylon mesh

I think nylon mesh is the most suitable material for sneakers worn in midsummer. You can't expect much sweat absorption, but it's quick-drying, breathable, and very light. Even if the socks contain sweat, they dry quickly because of their good breathability. The fact that this material is always used in shoes for long-distance runners shows its effectiveness.

Importance of insoles

A well-known countermeasure against sweat and odor of feet is to replace the insole with a commercially available high-spec insole. Various companies are selling deodorant insoles with activated carbon, sweat-absorbing insoles with pile-knitted surfaces, deodorizing insoles using antibacterial materials, and so on.

At our company, natural ingredients contained in shrimp and crab shells,Chitosan We sell insoles containing Chitosan has antibacterial and deodorant effects, and since it is a natural ingredient, it is environmentally friendly and does not run out. sustainableIt is a (sustainable) featured material. Please try once. (¥880 including tax Free shipping!


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Don't forget your socks!

So far, we have focused on shoes and their parts, but socks are an equally or more important element.

The worst thing is to wear shoes barefoot. Even if you don't sweat, the soles of your feet will soon become slimy, and bacteria will grow on your shoes, giving off a foul odor. So be sure to wear socks. Up until a few years ago, 100% cotton was the only material of choice, but recently polyester fiber, which claims to be sweat-absorbing and quick-drying, has become widely available, and the range of choices has expanded.
Also, I highly recommend 5 toe socks. It's that fingertip is divided into five. Not only does it absorb sweat between your fingers, but the increased surface area allows you to feel cool against your skin, making it very comfortable.
The problem is the appearance, but now there are various materials and colors on sale, and there are many fashionable ones.


Based on the above, please survive the hot season with comfortable feet.


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