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#012 Measures against tired legs

It's hard to work standing up

 Today's topic is foot fatigue. I would like to write about the fatigue caused by standing work, not the fatigue caused by walking long distances.

Personally, I feel more tired from standing than from walking. My calves are swollen and puffy, and my legs are as heavy as lead. However, most people who work in clothing stores, restaurants, hair salons, etc. are forced to stand for long hours every day and cannot escape this suffering.
I think many people are worried about whether this can be alleviated somehow.

The theory that muscle training is universal (muscles don't betray)

 First of all, I think there is a big difference in how the legs get tired between those who have a strong lower body and those who do not. If you support the same weight (upper body), you will feel much less tired if you support it with strong legs. In addition, people with strong core muscles such as abdominal muscles and back muscles have a more stable posture, so the burden on the lower body is reduced.
Muscle training magazines such as Muscle & Fitness seem to write that "barbell high-bar squats (squats performed with a barbell on top of the trapezius muscles and performing full-range squats with a heavy weight) are the most suitable training methods." However, this is fine for young people with a history of exercise, but it is too heavy for middle-aged and elderly people and women. Speaking of exercises that can be easily done, at most you can do squats with your own body weight at home. I can't even whip my tired swollen legs! I think it's a lot of people who think.
But this alone is well worth a try.

20 times a day 3 times a week If you do, you will feel the effects within a few weeks. Plus, squats increase blood flow to your lower body, which helps reduce swelling. Rather, why don't you try squats if your legs are swollen? at that time always “A to G” (Ass to Glass until your butt touches the ground)

Be aware of the position of the pelvis

 The position of the pelvis is as important as muscle strength, if not more. See the diagram below.


If the pelvis is not in the correct position, the burden on the legs and lower back will be very large. In addition to tilting forward and backward, twisting and tilting to the left and right all lead to double the fatigue of standing work.


So how do you get your pelvis in the correct position?

It seems difficult, but it's surprisingly easy. while standing “Tighten your butthole!” It is to be aware of it from time to time. (By the way, the secret when sitting is "sit back in the chair" is)

Do squats three times a week at home, tighten your buttholes occasionally at work, and you'll be less tired, if not less tired.

Use Sundance insoles!

The introduction has become quite long, but from here is the main topic.

I don't want to do such troublesome things like muscle training. I'm too busy to care about my butthole. For such people, we recommend the “Memory Foam Gel Cushion Insole SC-186" is!


 The insole has a 3-layer structure, the 2nd layer is low-resilience gel foam, and the 3rd layer is cushion foam to gently support the feet of those who are forced to stand for a long time.

 Squats + tightening the buttocks + Sundance insoles are the strongest combination, but if you are lazy, please try the insoles alone.


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