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#007 We are moving offices! ③

Retro building tour

 retro building. A fascinating sound. That's right, I remembered. Fifteen years ago, when I was looking for an office property in Osaka, I longed for an old and tasteful building. But it was the third priority. No. 1 was along Midosuji between Shinsaibashi and Honmachi, and No. 2 was Minamisenba 2-4 chome. And then I found my current office. I think it was the best choice at the time.
However, it is also true that he had some regrets about the retro building. I kept that thought deep in my heart. And now, 15 years later, it's time to tap into that thought again. In my online trip around Osaka Retro Buildings, even if I knew the exterior and information about existing tenants, I couldn't find out the essential information such as vacant properties, size, and rent. If this happens, I have no choice but to go there directly. I quickly got on my bike and headed over there.

Nagaya-style apartment “Senba Building”

  There are many retro buildings in Osaka. Daibiru, Gas Building, and Nomura Building, starting with the Cotton Industry Hall. They all look nice and tall. And what caught my eye was the Senba Building.


The atmosphere is great and the location is calm. We had 3 rooms available. The unit price per tsubo is high, but the dream expands.
However, each tenant in this building has a small room, and if we use it for our company, we have to rent two rooms. Fortunately, these two rooms are next to each other, but they are next to each other across the elevator. I just got a new main unit for my business phone this spring, so when I split into two rooms, only one room has a phone and the other doesn't.

I told the owner of the building that I really wanted to move in, but it would be difficult to separate into two rooms, so I asked him to think about it until the beginning of the week, and then I left.

After that, I was lost for two days.

I compared the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: stylish atmosphere, close to your favorite bar, proud of being in a famous building

Disadvantages: 1 room is small; divided into 2 rooms; nearby parking lot is expensive; unit price per tsubo is high

The conclusion was NO. Splitting into two rooms was unacceptable. It was an attractive property, but it didn't overwhelm its biggest drawback.

This is it, this is it♡ This is the retro building “Norinkaikan” edition

 The next place I visited was the Norin Kaikan, which is close to my current office.


Great building. First of all, you can do it in the elevator hall. This place is completely western-style retro. The Semba Building has a Japanese taste like a row house, but the Norinkaikan has a strong exotic vibe. Anyway, this is the building that is famous for having that Maison Margiela in it.
 I was introduced to the owner company. There is 1 room available.

What's more, it's larger than the two rooms in the Senba Building combined.Common Minami Senba.The ceiling is very high.The toilet is a bit old (too tasteful).The price per square meter is the same as the Senba Building (expensive). It is completely closed from 23:00 to 7:00⤵⤵

The conclusion was NO. Not being available 24 hours was unacceptable. Even though I'm rarely in the office at that time, I can't understand why I can't come and go freely even though it's my own company. If it wasn't for that, I would have decided here. It is very disappointing.

Now that I have a better understanding of the pros and cons of retro buildings, I decided to broaden my search.

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