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#011 Lots of good things

Goodbye Minamisenba...and thank you (tears)

 Due to the hectic pace of moving, the update has been completely delayed.

 We carried out the moving work on Saturday, September 19th, the first day of Silver Week. Assuming problems with the internet environment and copy machines, I decided that the first day of the consecutive holidays would be convenient. From the morning of the day, moving company Ace Business Machine and NTT engineers will work on the work. The furniture in the new office is almost new, so everything except the office desk and a few chairs will be disposed of. Looking at the office furniture being dismantled in the blink of an eye reminds me of the 15 years I spent here in Minamisenba, and a faint loneliness wells up inside me.


But there is no time for sentimentality. When NTT removed the business phone and main unit, I had to rush to the new office and instruct the wiring. In the new office, we initially aimed to create an environment using wireless LAN in order to increase the degree of freedom in the layout, but instability was exposed during the test operation stage, and we had no choice but to use wired LAN as before. Although the new office is on the OA floor, there are restrictions on cable routing. The biggest concern on the day was whether the wiring work could be completed before the delivery in the afternoon.

Greenery is soothing

The new office is empty before the move-in, and the trees in the park visible from the window create a mellow atmosphere that is the exact opposite of the old office where the move-out work was in progress.


The length of the cable wasn't long enough, and there was a lot of slapstick, such as having to rush to Yodobashi Camera. You made it 100% perfect. wonderful!

Delivery started in the afternoon. In addition to the office desk, chair, refrigerator, and copier, there was only cardboard boxes containing documents and samples, so the work was completed quickly once the desk was assembled. From the preparation stage to the work on the day, Ace Business Machine was very flexible. It was a great deal.
After that, each employee simply organizes their belongings on the designated shelves and desks. I installed each PC and tested the printers and faxes.

It didn't end with nothing

  I sent a test fax from a nearby convenience store to the new fax number. ……It won't arrive. I will try to make a call with my smartphone. I can hear the ringing tone from my smartphone, but the phone doesn't say neither. Next, I tried to call my smartphone from the company's phone. It connects without problems. ? ? ? ? I called the person in charge at NTT, who I left with the engineer, but he didn't answer. I have no choice, so I will send you a text message. On a whim, I check the incoming call history on my smartphone. end 6151……6151……6151!!。I was appalled. Because the number I ordered was 5161 at the end. Of course, the fax number was 6150 instead of 5160.

Even if it's not the best, there's no choice but to hit a better plan!

 If you call 5161 and you hear a ringing tone, there are already users. Anyway, I have to write an apology and correct the fax number and send it to all the customers. Otherwise, orders during the 4 consecutive holidays will be almost zero. I got to work right away. I was completely overwhelmed with anger and impatience.

I was worried about what to do with my number during the holidays. Should I ask NTT for a special number such as 1111 or 3333 at the end, or should I just use 6151? I ended up staying with 6151. Changing the number again would cause confusion for customers, and I thought that 06-6441-5161 and 06-6441-6151 were not much different. This one might be easier to remember.

 Thus, our company's moving work has been completed safely (?), and we have been doing business well since Wednesday, September 23rd (Tomobiki (~_~;)).

 We apologize once again for causing confusion with our fax and phone numbers. We look forward to your continued support of Sundance Co., Ltd.


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