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#013 Thinking about the feet of a motorcycle rider

It seems the bike is not for sale?

Take a look at the graph below.


A graph showing the number of bikes sold by year. It is said that it has become 1/10th of its peak. However, if you look closely, you can see that only one type of moped (less than 50cc) has decreased significantly. Light motorcycles (125cc or more and less than 250cc) decreased slightly, while mopeds (50cc or more and less than 125cc) and small motorcycles (250cc or more) remained almost unchanged. 

In other words, the number of people riding motorcycles as a hobby has hardly decreased.

Bikes are great!

I love motorcycles and have ridden many types of motorcycles.
Regardless of shape or performance, you can feel the exhilaration of mechanical sounds, vibrations, the smell of oil, and the wind. I don't think there are many vehicles that give such a pleasant stimulation to the human senses.
And if you want it, you can own the world's best performing machine for a fraction of the cost of a car.
As with automobiles, electronic controls are installed here and there, such as suspensions and clutches, due to advances in technology, but I don't think the feeling of controlling a machine is comparable to a four-wheeled vehicle.

Problems with bike riding

Such a great bike, but there is one problem. It's all about what you wear when you ride.
When going to an off-road course or circuit, there is no need to worry about riding clothes, suits, boots and gloves that are suitable for each.
The problem is during normal city driving. It's troublesome to wear riding clothes and boots every time, and when you get off the bike, it's floating from the surroundings and it's hard to walk.
So how can you ride a motorcycle in clothes that are as close to everyday clothes as possible? 
First of all, there is a major premise of wearing a helmet. This is a twister, and the shape of off-road and sports bikes is very different. There are helmets that are suitable for the classic type that is in vogue these days.



If the helmet is flashy like a racer replica, only the head will float. Therefore, he should avoid flashy helmet designs and choose a helmet with a single color or a simple design. By doing so, the degree of freedom of clothing increases.

However, for SS (super sports) bikes, flashy helmets are fine. The design and color of the car body are often flashy, and for safety reasons, it is better to wear a riding jacket even if it is just a jacket.

what shoes should i wear

 If you go to a motorcycle supply store, there is always a corner for riding boots and sneakers,I never bought shoes from a motorcycle supply store. This is because the lineup is poor compared to other gears, and there is nothing that will make you want to buy. 
As for what I usually wear when I ride a motorcycle, my current favorite is a Harley Sportster, so for spring and summer I wear Sundance safety sneakers or Converse All Stars. In the fall and winter, I wear Red Wing boots.



When I was on the SS, I wore high-cut leather sneakers all year round. When I was riding off-road, I wore the same sneakers I usually wear. That said, I try to make sure the sole is as thick as possible, and I try to avoid mesh for the upper material because of its strength. In short, I think running shoes are not suitable for biking.

When I ride a motorcycle, the instep of my left foot, which is used for shifting gears, gets dirty and hurts, but I accept that as proof of riding a motorcycle.

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