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#026 I couldn't stop watching foreign dramas ~ Part 3

The thickness of the layers of the actors is truly America!

 There are no recognizable stars in "Breaking Bad." There are only actors who have never seen unless they are fans of American dramas and movies. But don't worry. Rather, it is convenient because it can be seen without having a strange preconception about the characters. Of course, the performances of the actors are all wonderful, and I feel that the director's ability to reproduce the production and the understanding of the characters played by each person is very deep.

What surprised me was that RJ Mitte, who plays the main character's son, is not a character, but an actor with cerebral palsy.


(C) Sony Pictures Television Inc. 

I was really envious of the United States, where even people with physical disabilities can get such a wonderful place to play an active role as an actor.

The music (insert song) is stylish

 The insert songs used in the play are either theme songs or songs that reflect the feelings of the characters and the situation of the scene created for the play, or songs that reflect the setting of the era. The songs used in "Breaking Bad" have one characteristic: they express the feelings of the characters in the scene, even though they weren't made for this drama. Regardless of genre or era, why this song? Something like that suddenly flows. If you listen carefully, it really expresses the feelings of the person.

In addition, there is a scene in the final episode where you can tell who is calling from the song used as the ringtone. It was a scene where the last remaining foreshadowing was collected, but it was so natural and inevitable that the technique really caught my eye.

Please take a look to the end and check it out.

The title of each episode is too meaningful

 In the title of each episode, I will write what left an impression.

2-6 Peekaboo (Japanese title: Inai Inai Baa)

  It was a time that deviated from the main course, but it was worth seeing.

2-8 Better Call Saul (Japanese title: Let's call Seoul!)

  The title of the spin-off drama is used here!

3-1 No Mas (Japanese title: Road of No Return)

  Fist of Stone From Robert Durand's quote? Am I the only one who thought that?

4-1 Box Cutter (Japanese title: Fury of Gus)

  Hmm, that tool is called this in English.

5-14 Ozymandias (Japanese title: Ozymandias)

  From a poem of the same title written by an English poet. Exactly represents the main character Walter of this episode

Final episode Felina (Japanese title: Felina)

  From the name of the heroine of the country song "El Paso", Feleena. I changed the spelling of Felina and her because if you switch the letters, it becomes "Finale". The main character of this song is also Walter himself.

And Well, it's full of fun, puns, and pranks.

The shooting is elaborate and it's already crazy

 There are two shooting techniques that frequently appear while watching this drama. One is to express the change of time, such as night → morning or day → night → morning, by fast-forwarding and playing back images of the same scenery taken for a long time with a stationary camera. This is technically easy, but quite cumbersome as it takes time and people. Since it is used frequently, I am impressed that it is produced without sparing time and effort.

The second is the so-called "image taken from inside the refrigerator" that you often see in movies.

(C) Sony Pictures Television Inc. 

If the container is quite deep, it may be possible to photograph it with a small camera. Prepare separately and shoot. Although props are specially prepared for just a few seconds of footage, this refrigerator shot is frequently used in this work. It seems to be obsessed enough to be called madness anymore.

If you haven't seen 'Breaking Bad' yet, you're in luck.

 Because you can get this wonderful visual experience with a completely fresh feeling. Even if you feel that you can't get close to the main character on the way, this drama will never leave you behind. That's because each character has a solid personality and creed.

Especially for men in their 40s and 50s, I think it's a must-see work.

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