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#025 I couldn't stop watching foreign dramas ~ Part 2

Great script!

 There is often an opinion that the script is the reason why Japanese dramas are uninteresting. I'm sure there are aspects of that. When I was young, I worked as an assistant director for dramas, and I was often annoyed by the unnatural lines written in the script and the unnatural scene developments. Of course, the drama was a disastrous result in the audience rating.

So what is a screenplay? It is the script used at the shooting site, and it is exactly the blueprint of the drama that governs the story, each scene (what happens when and where), and the lines and character settings of the characters.

The great thing about the writing of "Breaking Bad" is mainly,

 ①Natural lines and acting (no useless shouting or artificial movements)

 ② There is no blurring in the remarks and actions of the characters (character settings are elaborated in detail)

 (3) The foreshadowing and its recovery can be understood naturally through the video without artificial explanations.

 ④Development beyond the viewer's imagination (but it never goes too far and is not left behind)

I felt it.

In particular, I think that it is ① that is applied to Japanese dramas. I think this is due to the fact that there are many live-action adaptations of manga, and that viewers have become too accustomed to manga-like productions.

For ②, when writing a script, the main character is created from birth to the age of the drama, and the sub-characters are set by creating a chronology of about half their life, but in this drama, all the main characters are created on the same level as the main character. I'm in. Therefore, there is no blur in the behavior of each character.

I think 3 is the most important and the most difficult. Without the main character's monologue or narration, the power of the images alone allows us to understand the story and its details. Of course, there are no descriptive lines that are attached. By making full use of the way the images are presented and the acting (movements, eyes, facial expressions) of the actors, the audience can understand.


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In this respect, I think that high-quality American dramas have something in common. I think that in America, the importance and role of the script, and the things you shouldn't do, are well known.

I think that ④ has individual differences on the viewing side. This is just my personal opinion. How are you all doing?

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