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#024 I couldn't stop watching foreign dramas

I watched the drama "Breaking Bad" that ended 9 years ago

 It all started at the end of last year when Dan, a British man in his 40s, recommended it to me at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dojo I attend. I knew of its existence because it had appeared in the recommendation column of Netflix before, but I didn't feel like watching it.

Because the thumbnail was a dull old man in briefs. I imagined that it would be a story about a middle-aged man going crazy like the movie "Falling Down" (1993, starring Michael Douglas). (well not too far)

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So I watched the first episode at the end of the year. But halfway through, I got fed up with Jessie, who plays an important role as the main character's companion, and gave up halfway through because she was a stupid, useless, junkie, and hopelessly unattractive character.

I took a chance and watched it again...

About half a year has passed since then, and when I was searching the internet for some interesting overseas drama, I learned that there were many people praising this "Breaking Bad". Then one Sunday, I decided to reconsider and watch it again.

My impressions were so-so, but even so, when I finished watching the first episode, my impression changed from when I first saw it, and I had a feeling that the rest of the story would be interesting.

As I watched 2nd and 3rd episodes, I wanted to see more and more, and I began to empathize with my partner, Jesse, who I was not so good at. From the making-of video I saw on YouTube, I learned that Jesse was actually scheduled to die in Season 1, but the creator Vince Gilligan and the staff gradually realized the importance of this character and decided not to let him die. . My initial impression was not entirely wrong. After that, Jesse will play the role of a compass of good and evil in this drama.

And finally, I finished watching all 62 episodes in about two weeks.

I have never seen a drama like this. everything is perfect.It's frustrating that I didn't know about this work for 9 years... But Dan, thank you so much for letting me know! was.

 storyIt's funny, the actors are good at acting, the music is funny, the visuals are elaborate, the list goes on and on, but no matter how I explain it, it's not enough to convey the splendor of the work as a whole. it's dark.

That being said, there is no point in discussing it in this blog, so I don't know how much I can express with my poor writing skills, but I would like to somehow convey the splendor of this drama to those who haven't seen it yet. think. I hope that those of you who have already seen it will be able to remember that feeling once again.

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