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#023 About the nostalgic anime "Gatchaman" ~ Part 2

Is this the opening song?

 Continuing on, I would like to talk about "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman," which is currently being rebroadcast in the Kansai region. Last time, I wrote about "Jun the Swan". The power of Jun's panchira was tremendous, and I forgot to write about the discomfort I felt at first.

It's about the theme song.

Instead of the famous "Gatchaman song" that begins with "who, who, who..."shwar Shubashva shwarThe opening song is a quiet song called "Defeat! Galactor"."Gatchaman no Uta" is the ending song.

Maybe my memory is wrong, or maybe it's because it's an old rebroadcast from a UHF station.

According to Wikipedia in the past"Gatchaman no Uta" was originally intended to be used as an opening song, but it was reminiscent of "Kamen Rider," which was aired at the same time as this work and was sung by Masato Shimon. Since the lyrics of the outing were almost the same as "Devilman" which was also broadcast at the same time,

It seems that the opening and ending songs were changed in a hurry and the broadcast was started for the time being, and the order of the songs was changed to the original form after waiting for the two programs of "Kamen Rider" and "Devilman" to finish broadcasting. The mystery was solved and it was refreshing.

 Attractive and Reliable Leader Ken the Eagle

 The leader of the Science Ninja Team is Gatchaman, also known as G-1, Ken the Eagle. Gatchaman is G-1, and the other four are just members of the Science Ninja Corps. Only Ken is special.

When I was a kid, I thought that the gangster-looking and impulsive G-2 was cool, and that the G-1, who was always bound by the rules of the doctor's orders, was lame. But this was a big misunderstanding. It's true that he's acting according to the doctor's orders and rules, but that's only natural as a leader of a unit. His decisions depend not only on the success or failure of operations, but also on the lives of soldiers and civilians. In addition, Ken's judgment is always accurate, and when he is in a pinch, he has the flexibility and boldness to ignore the rules and make decisions and carry them out.

He is a true leader and hero who always takes the initiative in facing dangerous missions. He is a person who deserves the title of Gatchaman.

A man named Joe the Condor

 No discussion of Gatchaman would be complete without mentioning this man. A man who made the second character major. A pronoun for a sub character that eats the main character. That's right, Science Ninja Team G-2, Condor Joe.

I know that there are voices pushing for Daisuke Jigen and Aoranger, but if you watch his success in the final episode, I think you will understand that there will be no second character who surpasses this man in the future or in the future. I am thinking.

According to Wikipedia

“18 years old. Real name: George Asakura. Japanese-Italian. Born in BC Island. Height: 185 cm, weight: 60 kg. Sub-leader of the Science Ninja Team.

There is.  

By the way, when it comes to G-1,

"18 years old. His real name is Ken Washio. Leader of the Science Ninja Team. Gatchaman does not refer to the 'Five members of the Science Ninja Team', but is his title as the leader of the Science Ninja Team. He is 180 cm tall and weighs 60 kg. He's usually a test pilot, but he also works as a parcel airliner. His home is a small airfield office left by his father. ”

It has become. From the setting, it is already completely eating the leading role. I'm five centimeters taller and weigh the same. Occupation for test pilot and parcel airline pilotracer. I live in the small airfield office left by my father.camping trailer. Joe lives in a camping trailer! 

For me, Detective Riggs played by Mel Gibson in the Hollywood movie "Lethal Weapon" is representative of living in a camping trailer. Fifteen years before he appeared, the number two character in Japanese anime was already practicing this lifestyle. I am 18 years old. There's no way the kids can't do this.

With all these specs, there's a reason why it can't be a leader. They are quick to get hot, tend to ignore orders and act arbitrarily. A typical example is "I'll throw in a bird missile!"is. Although it is forbidden to use bird missiles without the doctor's permission, when an enemy mech appears, Joe's blood rushes to his head and he immediately tries to press the fire button. And every time it's blocked by ken.


(I have written about this in the pastMatsukoAriyoshi Anger New Party"New3 big ○○Investigation Committee" corner "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman's missilesJoe is dying to shoot” is taken up. It's interesting, so please search for it.)

Because of his youth and sense of justice, he tends to get ahead of himself, but his mischievous side is also attractive and captures the hearts of viewers. And he goes far beyond his fans' expectations in the final showdown with his nemesis Galactor. Yes, the last three episodes are for Joe the Condor. That is the reason why he became the legendary second character. I want to get a little closer to the feelings of those who watched it in real time at the time, so I plan to continue watching it until the final episode.

I think that the masterpiece animation "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" produced in Japan in the Showa era is a work that can withstand viewing by adults. If you can watch Sun TV, please take a look.



  • 初めまして。ガッチャマンが毎週日曜日の午後6時から視ていた世代です。



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