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#021 About the problem of what to wear when doing muscle training

Do you go to the gym?

 Excuse me for asking, but I have been going to the gym since my early 20s. When I say this, you might imagine a rugged macho, but that's not the case at all. It's normal. Compared to the current gym trainees, it's clearly hyorogari. To tell the truth, in the 30 years I've been doing strength training at the gym, I've been doing strength training for less than 10 years. Two-thirds of the time, we stop going to the gym because of work or family (...not really motivation) reasons.

That's not to say I didn't do any exercise during that time. I do surfing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so compared to other 50-year-olds in the world, I think I am quite physically active. In March of last year, I became a member of the gym for the first time in about two years and resumed muscle training.

The reason is yes, Corona overweight. Until now, no matter how much I gained weight, I had never exceeded 75kg, but before I knew it, my weight was 71kg and was about to reach 77kg.

For this reason, I decided to go to the gym. This time I chose that “GOLD GYM”. The reason is that I moved my company and it's closer, and above all, I thought there was no other gym that was as complete as this if I wanted to do muscle training.

The decisive factor was that there were 4 power racks, 2 half racks, and 2-4 machines of various kinds. At a certain major gym that I used to go to, when it got crowded, I often couldn't do the menu I wanted to do when I wanted to, and that stressed me and lowered my motivation.

Many of our members are macho people like Schwa and athletes, and although I can only handle less than half their weight, I am training hard. About a year has passed since I resumed muscle training, and I have finally settled on a menu that suits me. Below is the current menu.

・Compound events (events that move multiple joints at the same time / example: squats)

・ Whole body method (3 sets each of 4 to 5 events per day)

・Three times a week

That's what it means.
It's just muscle training. I don't do aerobic exercise such as stationary bikes or treadmills.

What shoes to wear at the gym

 Sports stores sell many shoes that are suitable for working out in the gym. However, those are shoes for those who do muscle training with machines instead of barbells and dumbbells and also do aerobic exercise. The base is too soft and unstable for carrying, lifting, and pulling heavy barbells, and the force is not transmitted well. Nike's "Air" and Adidas' "Boost" are unsuitable for muscle training.

What kind of shoes are suitable for strength training? It is straight out shoes like VANS and Converse that have a “hard and thin bottom”. By the way, I'm wearing the shoes below.


It is a 5-toe sneaker with no cushion and feels like barefoot.

The problem is squats, and that's Ass To Grass!

 But this shoe isn't perfect either. Because the heel is flat and low. Low heels prevent you from squatting deeply during squats. If you have flexible ankles, there is no problem, but there are few people who can carry a heavy barbell on their shoulders and keep their backs straight while sitting on their backs.

Let me briefly explain squats here. There are five types of squats: quarter, half, parallel, full, and full bottom, depending on the angle at which the knees are bent. Of course, the full bottom is the deepest, and it squats down to the so-called sitting position. Also known as “Ass To Glass”. Of course, it is the toughest and does not add weight.

 Quoted from: Dokusuku's jumping power is greater than infinity

I practice this “ATG” squat. I can't squat with the five-toe sneakers I'm wearing now, so I put a thick rubber mat under my heels and do squats. It's honestly annoying. When my current shoes broke, I wanted to buy shoes worn by weightlifters, so I googled them.


 The figure above is the shoe for weightlifting. It has a firm bottom and a high heel. This makes it easier to transmit power and make it easier to squat deeply during squats. It has perfect features for muscle training, but there is one problem.

The price is high. Cheap ones start at around 15,000 yen, but the heel height is only about 2 cm, and the material of the upper looks cheap. Those that are longer than 3 centimeters cost 20,000 to 40,000 yen, and there are not many shops that carry them, so it is difficult to try them on.

Anyway, these are shoes I put my feet in 150 times a year, and using good tools will increase my motivation.

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