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「To buy, or not to buy」

Harley safely to the next owner

 The Harley I posted on Yahoo!

No matter how many times I see it off, parting with my beloved car is accompanied by a certain amount of loneliness.
I told him that the new owner would take care of me, and I waved my hand until the truck disappeared from sight. Thank you for all the fun days we spent together over the past three years.

I wonder if the bike is enough for a while

 It is also a fact that the thought has come up. However, contrary to my expectations, I find myself searching for new models on my PC and watching videos of motorcycles on YouTube.
Off-road, Scrambler, Adventure, Cub to SS, you have all the options in front of you.

But do I need it now? How often do you ride? Can you satisfy your desire to own and enjoy the exhilaration of riding? I've been thinking a lot, but I haven't come up with an answer yet.

This is the best solution I can think of at the moment.

That's right, the man's Kawasaki "W800".

It is "the right bike" that is specially designed for leisurely riding on rural roads.

This is the next point.

Honda "Dax". It seems that it will make a comeback next year when it becomes 125cc.
You can't run on the highway, but it's perfect for relaxing down the street. It is a unique and cute guy whose styling can be said to be one and only.

Here is the current situation. For the time being, there is also an option not to buy it now, which is really annoying.

Anyway, for a while, I would like to enjoy this happy time slowly.

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