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#017 I'm selling my motorcycle (Harley)!

This will be my last bike. I thought...

 I decided to sell the bike I bought 3 years ago. Already posted on Yahoo!
This is the perfect bike. I will keep riding until the day I get off the bike! I decided to let go of the bike I thought about.
It was more than 10 years ago that I first saw a Sportster equipped with a tandem TT seat on the XR handlebar of the famous Harley custom shop “NICE! MOTORCYCLE” in Kobe. Since then, I have been checking the website of “NICE! MOTORCYCLE” from time to time.

*This is the correct MOTORCYCLE! Rugged and beautiful form


Until the end of 2016, I was riding an off-road racer made by a manufacturer called “KTM” and occasionally went to off-road courses. I let it go.

* Off-road biking is so much fun that I would like to run every day if there is a satoyama behind my house!


A little over a year later, I found my favorite sports star on the “NICE! MOTORCYCLE” website. When I finally found the ideal bike, I immediately went to Kobe, took a test ride, and signed a contract.

* A compact body that has been stripped of waste. Smart and beautiful hip line


This is your ideal bike. I thought so and spent happy days, but about half a year ago, I got sick with a disease that is not this (a terrifying disease that if a biker develops it, he will sell the bike no matter how much he likes it to Yahoo Auctions). I'm sorry.
If I live in a detached house with a big garage, it would be nice to buy an extra bike, but I can't because I live in an apartment in the city. In fact, I've owned two in the past, but in the end I ended up with one. I am a sincere man who cannot do two things.

In short, it was too early to decide on the final bike.

Thus, the journey of searching for the best car for me, the journey of wandering the internet and looking at motorcycles, began again.


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