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#001 About Sundance ①

Is Sundance a ritual?

 Our company name isSundance Co., Ltd."is.
 People often ask me, "What does Sundance mean?" or "Where did the company name come from?" Therefore, I would like to write about the origin of the company name as the first blog theme to commemorate.
 What do you think of when you hear the word "Sundance"? "It's an unfamiliar word, isn't it?"
"Sundance" is actually the name of a Native American ritual.
Wikipedia says:sundance ritual(Britain: Sun Dance) is the largest ritual for restoration of nature and peace prayers performed by the Plains Indian tribes of the United States and Canada. ”. It is a very important ceremony for them.

Is Sundance a movie (festival)? Harley-Davidson?

 Another old movie is "Shoot for tomorrow!There is.


 Western, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The original title of this movie isButch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid"Is called. Robert Redford plays the Sundance Kid (that's his nickname), a real-life master thief and a quick-fire gunslinger (cool). I believe this nickname is derived from a Native American ritual. perhaps.
 after that"sundance film festivalThere is a film festival called This is a film festival hosted by Robert Redford, named after the Sundance Kid he played.
 Also, there is a custom shop in Tokyo that is famous among motorcycle enthusiasts, especially Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.sundance"is. I think this origin is probably a Native American ritual (because the logo looks like it).   

Where did Sundance come from?

 As for the origin of the company name, in fact,sundance film festival”. (However, its origin is "shoot for tomorrow!", and it seems that its origin is a Native American ritual.)  
 I love watching movies, and in my twenties, I started producing TV shows. So I was always checking the Sundance Film Festival, which gave birth to the Coen Brothers, Soderbergh, and Robert Rodriguez.
For some reason, I joined my father's company at the age of 29, and at the age of 30, I was ordered by my father, who was the president at the time, to come up with a new brand name for safety shoes to be manufactured and sold by the company. "Think about it yourself, who will carry this company and brand on your shoulders."

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